Ali Zuckowski – Songwriter & Producer




The composer, songwriter and producer was born in Hamburg in 1974. Now based in Berlin, he is the creative mind behind numerous hits, amongst others for Udo Lindenberg, Sarah Connor, Adel Tawil, Ina Müller, Sasha and Blue.

In 2014 he co-wrote the winning song for the Eurovision Songcontest 2014 "Rise Like A Phoenix" for Conchita Wurst.

After his success in 2014, it continued with the cowritten & coproduced summer chart hit "El Mismo Sol" by Alvaro Soler in 2015. The song has reached 4x Platinum in Italy, Platinum in Spain & Switzerland and Gold in the Netherlands & Belgium.

Ali Zuckowski

Discography Singles

SINGLES Songtitle Artist Best Chart position Sales/Airplay Country Year of release Notes Awards
Beautiful Patrick Nuo #7 Sales Austria 2005    
Coming Home Sasha #10 Sales Germany 2006    
Lucky Day Sasha #2 Airplay Germany 2007    
Hide And Seek Sasha #8 Sales Germany 2007    
Drück die 1 Annett Louisan #38 Sales Germany 2008    
Hurt Lovers Blue #7 Sales Germany 2012 Title song of the movie "Schlussmacher"  
Rise Like A Phoenix Conchita Wurst #1 Sales/Airplay Austria 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Winner-Song 2014 Platin Award
El Mismo Sol Alvaro Soler #1 Sales/Airplay Italy 2015 #1 in Switzerland, Top ten in 7 Countries, Gold in 4 Countries... 5x Platin Award
Durch die schweren Zeiten Udo Lindenberg #26 Sales/Airplay Germany 2016    
Sofia Alvaro Soler #1 Sales/Airplay Italy 2016 #1 and Gold or Platinum in more than 10 Countries 7x Platin Award
80 Millionen Max Giesinger #2 Sales/Airplay Germany 2016   Platin Award
Ist da jemand Adel Tawil #5 Airplay Germany 2017    
Yo Contigo, Tú Conmigo Morat y Alvaro Soler #4 iTunes Spain 2017 Titletrack of the South Amercan vrsion of the Movie Dispicable Me 3  


More Singles: Welcome to my little Island (Patrick Nuo), Watching Over You (Patrick Nuo), Du bist mein Sommer (Roger Cicero), Ja, ich will (Ina Müller), Hopscotch (Emmelie de Forest), Irgendwas mit L (Max Giesinger), Kalifornien (Max Giesinger), Nie wieder Liebeslieder (Die Prinzen), Slowly (Sasha), There She Goes (Sasha), Goodbye (Sasha), Kartenhaus (Adel Tawil), Wenn Du liebst (Adel Tawil), Alles leuchtet (Joy Denalane)


Discography LP

ALBUM Titles Artist Best Chart position Country Date of release Notes Awards
Welcome Patrick Nuo #13 Germany 2003 Co-write: Welcome To My Little Island, Rainbow Love, To be Continued  
Open Water Sasha #7 Germany 2006 Co-write: Automatic, Slowly, Paralyzed, Miracle Mile, How Do You Know, Goodbye  
Greatest Hits Sasha #6 Germany 2006 Co-write: Slowly, Goodbye, Hide & Seek
Co-write/Co-production: Coming Home, Lucky Day
Platinum Award
Teilzeithippie Annett Louisan #2 Germany 2008 Co-write: Ich brauch Stoff, Drück die 1 Platinum Award
Good News On A Bad Day Sasha #3 Germany 2009 Co-write: There She Goes, Growing Egos, 15 Minutes Older, Lipstick On The Mirror, High & Low, Read M Mind, Everybody’s Fool, Wide Awake  
Das wär dein Lied gewesen Ina Müller #2 Germany 2011 Co-write: Die Nummer, Ja, ich will, Fast drüber weg, Gleichberechtigung, Gar nichts gepeilt, Brittpop, Handtaschen, Podcarsten Platinum Award
Giraffenaffen Roger Cicero #11 Germany 2012 Co-write: Wir sind da  
Lieber so Yvonne Catterfeld #8 Germany 2013 Co-write: Ganz großes Kino  
Mit den Gezeiten Santiano #1 Germany 2013 Co-write: Seemann, Have A Drink On Me, Gestrandet 3x Platinum Award
Lieder Adel Tawil #4 Germany 2013 Co-write: Wenn Du liebst, Kartenhaus, Herzschrittmacher Platinum Award
Roulette Blue #13/#14 UK/Ger 2013 Co-write/Co-production: Hurt Lovers  
Ich hör auf mein Herz Christina Stürmer #1/#4 Austria/Ger 2013 Co-write: Auf und davon  
Oonagh Oonagh #3 Germany 2014 Co-write: Hörtst Du den Wind, Eldamar, Undomiel, In den Gärten von Valinor Gold Award
Was immer auch kommt Roger Cicero #3/#4 Austria/Ger 2014 Co-write: Was immer auch kommt, Du bist mein Sommer, Hollywood, Knapp daneben  
The One Sasha #18 Germany 2014 Co-write: Sleeping With The Lights On, Me And My Gorilla, Can’t Quit Loving You, A Girl Like You, Skyline, Silver Linings  
Conchita Conchita Wurst #1/#5 Austria/Ger 2015 Co-write: Rise Like A Phoenix  
Von Liebe, Tod und Freiheit Santiano #1 Germany 2015 Co-write: Land Of Green Platinum Award
Muttersprache Sarah Connor #1 Ger/Switzerland 2015 Co-write/Co-production: Wenn Du da bist, Das Leben ist schön 4x Platinum Award
Stärker als die Zeit Udo Lindenberg #1 Germany 2016 Co-write: Durch die schweren Zeiten 2x Platinum Award
Ich bin die Ina Müller #4 Germany 2016 Co-Write: Zimmer 410, Kommando heulen Gold Award
Guten Morgen Freiheit Yvonne Catterfeld #4 Germany 2017 Co-Write: Alles leuchtet, Schlaflos, Ellie Lou, Ich bereue nichts  
Gleisdreieck Joy Denalane #8 Germany 2017 Co-Write: Scheinriesen  
So schön anders Adel Tawil #1 Germany 2017 Co-Write: Ist da jemand, Sensation, Endgegener